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What is Beppu Hatto? There are eight hot spring resort areas in Beppu, i.e., Hamawaki Onsen, Beppu Onsen, Kankaiji Onsen, Horita Onsen, Myoban Onsen, Kannawa Onsen, Shibaseki Onsen and Kamegawa Onsen). Berppu Hatto refers to the eight hot spring areas of Beppu where you can enjoy different spring qualities and tastes. Here, we introduce grand tour of all eight spots, with an onsen carefully selected from each of the eight hot spring areas. Incidently, there is a Beppu Hatto Onsendo (Stamp Rally) in Beppu, where you get the first grade if you collect eight stamps. We hope you will join us as a memory of your trip and someday become a "Onsendo master" (88 stamps).

Beppu city
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Purchase a spaport or hot springs book called "Onsenbon" at the tourist information center at Beppu Station and start a tour of hot springs

To start the Beppu Hatto Onsendo, purchase a spaport at the tourist information center at JR Beppu Station, the gateway to your trip. You can also participate in "Onsen Hunter" (a game that where you collect stamps on a browser) using your smartphone's GPS.
Depart for a hot spring tour with your spa passport in hand.

20 minutes by car

[Myoban Onsen] Teruyu Onsen is the oldest onsen in Beppu

Teruyu Onsen stands quietly at the entrance of Myoban Onsen. It was originally owned by the Kurushima family, who ruled the Bungo-Mori domain (present-day Kusumachi), and is said to be "the lord’s favorite onsen." Until it was renewed in 2003, it was a famous hot spring only known to locals.
The inside of the building has the atmosphere of the good old Showa era. There is one indoor bath for men and one for women, called "Tonosama-no-Yu" and "Himesama-no-Yu" respectively. Tonosama-no-yu still uses stones from the Edo period as is, and it is designated as a cultural property of Beppu City. Tonosama-no-Yu and Princess-no-Yu are alternately allocated to men and women every other day, so if you can’t get in one day, please visit the next day. The hot spring is a simple spring with a faint sulfur smell peculiar to Myoban Onsen. You can also see hot spring mineral deposits.

10 minutes by car

[Kannawa Onsen] You enter the bath as soon as you open the door. "Sujiyu" loved by locals

Hstoric public bath built in the Japanese inn town of Kannawa. Although it closed once in 2015, it was revived the following year after hearing from many fans wanting to revive it. In other words, it is a place dear to the locals. It has a rare type of dressing room, washroom, and bathroom, and people visiting for the first time remark about the fact that "you enter the bath as soon as you open the door. Naked!" It seems that you will be surprised by the space. No water is added for a very simple and honest reason that water could not be drawn. Shampoo and soap are also not allowed in the bathtub. The water is quite hot, but according to the locals it is comfortable. "Ouch, but nice." You will definitely be warmed up when you get out. You will also be relaxed by the warm smiles of the locals in the popular place.

10 minutes by car

[Shibaseki Onsen] Hot Springs in the great outdoors

Shibaseki Onsen is a quiet hot spring spa located in the mountains. It is said that Emperor Daigo (895 AD) and Emperor Go-Reizei (1044 AD) were cured by the water as a treatment for illness, so it is documented as an effective treatment for certain illnesses. It is also called "wound healing hot spring" and has been crowded with visitors since ancient times. It is also blessed with rich nature, and is currently designated as a national convalescence hot spring resort and as a national health hot spring resort.
There are two types of indoor baths with different temperatures, an open-air bath with a sense of openness, a steamed bath using the hot spring, and a family bath, so it offers various ways to enjoy the onsen all at once. There is also a promenade nearby, so you can go to the hot spring to get sweaty after taking a stroll, or you can take a leisurely stroll after getting warm in the hot spring. You can enjoy it in various ways.
By the way, the origin of the name "Shibaseki" is in the fact "brushwood" fossils were found there in the Edo period. The fossils are on display at the reception desk, so be sure to take a look.

10 minutes by car

[Kamegawa Onsen] "Hamada Onsen" that anyone can use comfortably [Hamada Onsen (Hamada Onsen)]

Hamada Onsen is a historical onsen discovered around 1897 and opened in 1935. The current building was rebuilt in 2002, but it offers a nostalgic atmosphere like a good old onsen ryokan. The most distinguishing feature of Hamada Onsen is its barrier-free design. Detailed ingenuity can be seen everywhere, such as a wide passageway for wheelchair access, no difference in levels and handrails installed in bathtubs and changing rooms. It is a "hybrid" onsen with the latest attention to detail and retro atmosphere. After enjoying the onsen to the fullest, head to the Hamada Onsen Museum restored from the former Hamada Onsen, which is located across the road from the onsen. The building that maintains the same appearance as in the past is a valuable building that has been certified as a registered tangible cultural property of the country. It houses many interesting things, and it is a must-see for those who are interested in onsen and history.

5 minutes by car

[Kamegawa Onsen] Don’t tell me they even have a city-operated onsen in the Beppu Bicycle Race Track!

Kamegawa Onsen, one of the eight hot springs in Beppu, has a unique hot spring. It is inside the facility of the bicycle race track, and it’s called "Keirin Onsen" (keirin means "bicycle racing"). Some people may think that it is difficult to enter inside a bicycle race track, but the fact that it is a city-operated makes it easy to get in. The good way to spend time in Beppu is to enjoy conversations with the locals and bicycle racing fans while soaking in hot water. Incidentally, there are three restaurants in Beppu Keirin Stadium, so if you are hungry, you can casually enjoy "Keirinmeshi". You can bet on a cycling race starting with a 100yen ticket so if you have time, it might be fun to taste the atmosphere of the bicycle racing.

15 minutes by car

[Horita Onsen] Horita Onsen is a secret hot spring where you can enjoy the seasonal scenery with "Mugen-no-sato Shunka shuutou”

The word "secret hot spring" is the perfect description for the sight that suddenly appears in the great outdoors. As the name suggests, you can take a bath while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the four seasons. Cherry blossoms in spring, fireflies in summer, and fall foliage in autumn, snow in winter -- no matter when you visit, you will be impressed.
The vast site is dotted with large separate baths for men and women, and five private baths with different tastes here and there, so the atmosphere is truly worthy of being called a village. Just walking around is exciting.
All the baths are wonderful, but the most popular one is "Taki-no-Yu". You can take a bath while watching the two waterfalls cascading up close! Soak yourself in the exquisite water of negative ions that gushes from the waterfall, and your fatigue and stress will disappear. You can enjoy a blissful time that frees your mind and body.

5 minutes by car

[Kankaiji Onsen] Relax in the old time semi-underground "Mukaibaru Onsen” bath.

If you are in the Kankaiji Onsen area, which is lined with large hotels and ryokans representing Beppu, we recommend the public bath "Mukaihara Onsen," where you can casually drop in and enjoy the hot springs. Like Sujiyu in Kannawa, the dressing room and bathroom are integrated into a single room. A semi-underground bath overlooking the changing room like a passageway, it has old time tiles; listening to locals chatting informally made me get excited before I entered the "local" atmosphere. If you happen to look up while soaking yourself in the milky hot water, enjoying the smell of sulfur that tickles your nose, you will suddenly get a feeling of liberation from the high ceiling. The dim light falling from the window also gives you a good feeling. When you stretch your arms and legs tightly and feel the hot water to the fullest, you will be released from fatigue immediately. Oh, I want to come back tomorrow. It is a local hot spring that makes me think so.

10 minutes by car

[Hamawaki Onsen] You can meet a walking encyclopedia of Beppu Onsen Road!

Teahouse Takasaki "Takasaki no Yu" is typical of Beppu! It is a tea house with a hot spring. The owner, Takasaki-san, who is an advisor of the Beppu Hatto Onsendo Meijinkai, released the hot spring at his home originally used by his family to patrons of the cafe who can use it for free. The stone bath is of a quality that cannot be thought of as handmade. Please enjoy the hot water that Takasaki-san is proud of, which is free flowing from the source without adding outside water, and is pleasant to the touch to your heart's content. After taking a bath, you can enjoy carefully selected coffee and sweets while looking out at the beautiful garden at the cafe renovated from his home. Takasaki-no-Yu is a hidden hot spring that many people come all the way from afar to listen to Takasaki-san, who is said to be a walking encyclopedia of the Beppu Onsendo. If you like hot springs, you must not miss it.

5 minutes by car

[Beppu Onsen] Takegawara Onsen has an overwhelming presence here.

You can make it to all eight hot springs in Beppu! Takegawara Onsen is a historical hot spring founded in 1871 that has an overwhelming presence. It looks like something out of a movie. Built in 1938, the current building is an impressive structure. Takegawara Onsen is famous for its Showa era old time indoor baths and sand baths. The method of bathing in the sand bath is to lie down on sand heated in the hot spring wearing a yukata robe. The warm sand is comfortable and makes you perspire like a stone sauna or ordinary sauna. It facilitates the efficacy of the onsen and improves blood flow, and seems also effective for stiffness, sensitivity to cold, arthritis, and sleep disorders. It is especially crowded on Saturdays and Sundays, so be sure to allow sufficient time when you visit.

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  • A Wonder Compass Beppu
  • B Teruyu Onsen
  • C Sujiyu Onsen
  • D Shibaseki Onsen
  • E Hamada Onsen
  • F Beppu Bicycle Race Track
  • G Mugen-no-sato Shunka shuutou
  • H Mukaibaru Onsen
  • I Takasaki no Yu
  • J Takegawara Onsen

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